How To Choose Safe Plastics?

You make sure that the food you serve your family is delicious and clean, but your vigilance should not stop there. Many plastic 

containers used for food storage contain carcinogenic or cancer-causing materials. So how do you know which plastic containers are safe to use?

If the plastic is clear, it is a sign that the product is made of high-grade raw materials. Semi-clear, opaque and colored plastic food containers might contain substandard ingredients, so it is best to avoid these.

If the product is smelly, even if it smells like melted or burnt plastic, it is low-quality.

Look under the container and check the number inside the triangle. Use only those plastic containers with the 2, 4 and 5 codes. These codes mean that the products will not leach toxic chemicals into your food. Keep in mind, however, that code 5 plastic wares are the only ones that should be used to reheat food and liquids.

It is important to remember that plastics get worn out, even those that are safe for food storage. This is why you should replace plastic food containers at least every two years. 

Also, never use plastic food containers that are peeling or cracking.

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